MFTWS Takes Extra Precaution

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Dear Volunteers and Members of MFTWS,

We would like to bring to your attention that Straits Times Publication on 24th Oct 2020 titled "MOH to offer tuberculosis screening to Block 174D Hougang Ave 1 residents after cluster detected".

Current and former residents of Block 174D on Hougang Avenue 1 will be offered voluntary screening for tuberculosis after a cluster broke out, said the Ministry of Health (MOH) on Saturday (Oct 24).This is a precautionary measure following the detection of a cluster of four individuals diagnosed with tuberculosis residing in four different units at the block, MOH said. The screening will be conducted free of charge at the Tuberculosis Control Unit in Moulmein Road from Oct 26.

At MFTWS, we have volunteers who have been serving the community and specifically the residents of Block 174D Hougang. As such we are also reaching out to the authorities to seek clarifications on any additional necessary precaution. There is no further instruction to this from MOH at this point. MOH will be making house visit to units of 174D within next few days. According to MOH, the risk of transmission is very low if individuals do not come in close contact.

However, we will be advising our volunteers to take additional precaution, (ie Wearing of face shield and gloves) and to avoid close and long contact with any individuals. In the meantime, do stay safe.

Warm Regards

On Behalf of MFTWS EXCO

尊敬的万佛堂善友会会员与义工们: 我们谨提请您注意2020年10月25日联合早报题为“后港一租赁组屋出现肺结核感染群,当局将安排居民免费检测”的报导。 卫生部昨天发表文告说,本月10日获知有四起肺结核病患都住在后港1巷第174D座组屋,他们都是在前年1月至今年6月之间确诊,分别住在不同单位。卫生部将安排该座组屋居民和前居民接受免费肺结核检测。肺结核防控单位人员会在本月25日至27日到该座组屋与居民接洽。检测将从本月26日起在位于摩绵路的肺结核防控单位进行。 由于万佛堂善友会的义工服务于社区,特别是后港第174D座的居民,我们也在与有关当局联系,就任何其他必要的预防措施寻求澄清。目前卫生部对此没有进一步的指示 卫生部说,肺结核病患一开始治疗,很快不具传染性,这些病例不会构成公共卫生风险。 不过,我们会建议义工们采取额外预防措施(例如,戴上面罩和手套),并避免与任何人长时间接触。 同时,一定要注意安全。 万佛堂善友会执委敬启

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